This video, Science Tests Faith, explains some incredible phenomena. First, Nancy Fowler, the visionary of Conyers, Georgia prayed for a spiritual sister. Katya Rivas came from Bolivia to Conyers and stayed with Nancy while she had a vision of Jesus. Katya then bought a statue of Jesus for her sister. The statue began to bleed because it is Christ depicted during His passion. The statue and the blood were analyzed and the phenomena was found to be miraculous. Similarities are drawn to a Eucharistic miracle in Argentina, where the Sacred Host turned into blood and flesh from the heart of a man. Also considered was a Eucharistic miracle in Lanciano, Italy where the Sacred Host and Precious Blood turned into physical flesh and blood. In all three miracles, the blood had a higher white blood cell count than usual, which shows that tissue from which the blood flowed was trying to heal from undergoing a beating. Also, although the blood was proven to be human, it has no personal profile because it is of divine origin, not human. The video also looks at the locutions and stigmata of Katya Rivas who became the spiritual sister Nancy Fowler prayed for. She receives locutions in four languages and records them faster than any of us could think of them. She couldn’t have made them up because she doesn’t speak those other languages. She doesn’t have a high school education. Reporters came to investigate her stigmata and the Lord gave them a message to “Come back on the Feast of My Body”. On the feast of Corpus Christi, Katya experienced many of the symptoms of crucifixion. Pierced hands and feet and asphyxiation. It was all recorded on camera with medical professionals in a hospital recording all the data. The next day her wounds were perfectly healed and she was back to normal.

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I hope this video gives you a strong faith in Christ’s Eucharistic presence.