Maria Valtorta

Aside from the sum of the Holy Spirit’s work in the Catholic Church itself there is no greater sign on earth of God’s truth than the work of mystic, Maria Valtorta.

Maria Valtorta was a third order Franciscan from Italy who was gifted to receive many enlightening revelations for the benefit of the Church through interior locution and mystical vision. Born in 1897, she was confined to her bed from 1933 to her death in 1961. This is where she wrote 15,000 pages of mystical revelation in ordinary school notebooks. She wrote over a dozen books, but the greatest of all is The Gospel as Revealed to Me, written between 1943-1947. This book is a compilation of 647 visions which depict the events leading up to Christ’s life, his birth, his ministry on earth, his Passion, his glorification in heaven and even some of the acts of the apostles.

Her spiritual director and family attest she had only the Bible and the Catechism in her room and yet in only three and a half years she wrote the most staggering literary work ever, a five-thousand page revelation of God’s work on earth in person. In this book we see the words and actions of Jesus Christ and his apostles, his Mother, his friends and enemies and also reflections given from the heavenly throne teaching us with profound depth the secrets of theology, philosophy and psychology.

This book was written in one draft. There were no revisions. It was not written chronologically. 166 of the 647 chapters were written out of order. Jesus told her in which place each would go and when the work came together at its completion it had perfect flow. She recorded these 647 visions in notebooks on her lap in bed. At the end, she had completed a fifth gospel.

There is no way she could have known everything to write this book. She has Jesus traveling over 4,000 miles in six different cycles across Palestine. There are over 500 characters. The people are never in a place inconsistent with the four gospels or with the ability for the people to get to each place in the amount of time it says they got there. All of her descriptions of the terrain are correct. Her work stands scrutiny.

This kind of knowledge of Israel at the time of Christ is something that many advanced scholars would have to collaborate on with many reference books to compile. Let alone to use it as a setting for a story written out of order, in one draft of such incomparable quality. This adventure of Christ spans over 350 geographic locations in the Holy Land. Nine of the places she described were not discovered until after her death. Sixty-two places were either unknown or obscure.

But what is truly compelling is Christ’s interaction with the thousands of hearts and minds he encounters. In this gospel, the love of Christ’s Sacred Heart given to man is revealed as never before. Throughout the gospel, our Lord acts as a model of perfection and reaches out to men and women with every vice and affliction in such an inexpressible way, with words and actions that so completely penetrate hearts, garnering for himself souls set afire for his love. He presents to thirsting souls, the hopeless and the oppressed the river of water with no end in such an infinite and divine way and yet in the human form. Such is the wisdom and profundity of God in this work. It is truly made known, the perfection of his love, by the humility he showed in his patient, persistent work to convert souls. This is the account of God made man on earth.

Compelling research was done by Purdue University physicist Dr. Lonnie VanZandt and was published in an article called “Astronomical dating of the Poem of the Man-God”. In episode 356, titled “The Night at Gadara” Maria Valtorta looked at the sky and documented which celestial bodies she could see. Because of the irregularity of their orbits the only time those planets were visible from that place was in March 31 and 33. VanZandt said that calculating the joint observability of these stars would have required a computer system.

“The Night at Gadara” (page 459, volume 3), written on December 11, 1945, Maria Valtorta wrote:

“The magnificent stars of a clear night in the month of March are shining in the eastern sky…. It is a very tall house, situated in one of the highest parts of the town, so that the infinite horizon spreads out…. as the moon is waning, the sky is glistening with countless stars…. with its springtime constellations and the magnificent stars of Orion: of Rigel and Betelgeuse, of Aldebaran, of Perseus, Andromeda and Cassiopeia and the Pleiades united like sisters. And Sapphirine Venus covered with diamonds, and Mars of pale ruby and the topaz of Jupiter…”

Because of the Gospel as Revealed to Me, many discrepancies between the gospels have been resolved. For instance in Luke 17:11 it says that Jesus went north to Samaria and Galilee on his way to Jerusalem which is in the south. People were always baffled by this verse but in the Gospel as Revealed to Me we see that Jesus spent four and a half months ministering to the Samarians and Galileans at this time.

Saint Pio recommended Maria Valtorta’s work to those to whom he gave spiritual direction. After Pope Pius XII had the book for a year, he gave permission for it to be distributed. Here is a 1,000 page analysis of all the nuances of Valtorta’s work as well as the article I mentioned by Dr. VanZandt.

The book is available to read for free online or to purchase in print at

Jesus says this book a gift to help us through the end times. This gospel is the fulfillment of Revelation 14:6.

“Then I saw another angel flying in midheaven, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation and tribe and language and people. “