Dateline NBC is reporting that soon the government will implant microchips on the population through Obamacare in 2017. Here is a Dateline NBC video about it and two other articles. One claiming that already 2,000 people have the implant and the other stating that Bill and Melinda Gates are behind one that releases a birth control hormone every day for sixteen years.

John Leary has been prophesying that implantable microchips are the mark of the beast since 1993. Jesus told him on June 6, 2014 that people are planning them for 2017.

He received a vision of people getting martyred outside of Saint Peter’s Basilica and the following message.

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing a bloody scene outside of St. Peter’s Basilica, where some faithful will be martyred for not going along with the new world order. There will also be martyrs for those faithful who will refuse to take a chip in the body, because the chips will control their minds with voices. Already, you are reading of trial runs of putting chips in people in Wyoming. In other places, there are people planning to implement mandatory chips in the body for Obamacare by 2017. I have been giving you messages about mandatory chips in the body for Obamacare for many years, but people did not want to hear of such things. Now, you have chips mandated in your documents as passports, driver’s licenses, and your credit cards. Soon chips in the body will be a reality, but do not take any chips in the body, nor worship the Antichrist. When chips are mandated, your lives will be endangered, and you can come to My refuges of protection.”

There are 50,000,000 people with electronic benefit transfer (EBT, food stamps) cards in the United States today. When the one world government crashes the economy on purpose that number will go up. They could use implantable microchips.

These chips can control your brain with voices. Timothy McVeigh claimed that he was chipped and that he heard voices. The Oklahoma City bombing was executed by agents of the government and they used him as a tool. Alex Jones made a convincing documentary about it.

Here is the documentary about Oklahoma City. Do a search for “Timothy McVeigh was chipped” and see how much evidence you find. John Leary said in his recent video that Timothy McVeigh was controlled by a chip. Maria Esperanza, who had stigmata and was close to Saint Pio, said that John Leary is a real prophet.

Here are the two articles I mentioned about the upcoming plan to introduce chips and a third by the BBC.