Jesus to John Leary,

Tuesday, August 5, 2014: (Dedication of St. Mary Major in Rome)
Jesus said: “My people, this incident with St. Peter was unusual when I invited him to walk on the water, but it is a good example of how I want all of My followers to walk in faith. Just as I encouraged St. Peter to have more faith to endure the storms of life, so I also invite all of My followers to trust in Me to help them in their daily trials. You may come up against some impossible situations, but with Me, all things are possible with faith and prayer. When you face demonic problems, you can pray your St. Michael prayer of exorcism, and call on Me to send you My angels of protection. I know all of your worldly needs, but I will only provide what is necessary, so your soul is protected. You have many worldly goods that are not necessary for your soul’s salvation. Right now, you are only trusting Me a little, as St. Peter did, but at the time of the tribulation, you will have to give Me your full trust when you will be led to My refuges.”