I really like this message from June 17 to John Leary,

Jesus said: “My people, this is the month of June, and you just celebrated the feast of My Sacred Heart and then My Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart on the next day. The two of us are joined as one in a beautiful love relationship. I desire that all souls could have a deep love relationship with Me. I am your best friend, and I will never stop loving you. Even though you cannot see Me in a physical body, you can see Me and feel My Presence in My consecrated Host. I give you many gifts every day, which you may not realize. You can thank Me in your daily prayers. When you pray and when you come to Mass, you are showing Me your love, and your belief that I am your Lord and Redeemer. The more you can develop a love relationship with Me, the stronger you will be in your faith. Let Me walk with you every day by your side, so you can witness My love helping you in all of your actions.”