The Blessed Mother gave three messages to Sister Sasagawa of the Handmaidens of the Holy Eucharist, a Japanese nun, in 1973. She warned that God the Father is offended by the sins of the world and is preparing a great chastisement. She said it would be the greatest one ever, even worse than the deluge. A great portion of humanity would be killed by fire from heaven. That is consistent with John Leary’s message of 2/3 of humanity dying by the comet of chastisement. She said the demon would press many priests to leave the Lord’s service. Since Vatican II, over 100,000 priests have quit. Over almost a decade, Her statue cried 101 times. She said She was crying because of the thought of so many souls being lost… She asked the sisters to pray and make reparation for sinners. The crying statue was video taped, investigated and approved by the Church.

In this message the Blessed Mother says that if sins increase in gravity and number that there will no longer be pardon for them. She is speaking of pardon from temporal punishment. That is, the punishment of the chastisement to hit the earth. God’s merciful love is infinite and His Sacred Heart is burning with the desire to grant to souls forgiveness and receive prodgigal sons. The feast He throws are the great graces of joy and peace that come from the sacraments of confession and communion.