In this TED talk, a “scientist” makes light of internet pornography and makes comparisons between humans and animals. When the apocalypse comes there were will so much sexual assault that it will be like the rape of Nanking because we Americans accepted pornography and we teach promiscuity in public schools. Pornography is so evil. If women knew the pornographic ways in which men fantasize about them based on pornography… Just consider the song “In my head” by Jason Derulo. Men place women they know onto the set of the most extreme pornography and masturbate and that’s on pop radio. This world is so sick and it is not a joke. There is a deep and strong current of sexual aggression in our culture. It’s not safe now. How much more when the moral fabric of society of deteriorates and the antichrist reigns?

When martial law is declared, the U.S. military will come to people’s houses and take each person away, breaking up families, and send them to different camps where they will perform genocide. Based on the Abu Ghraib scandal and the documentary “The Invisible War” about sexual assault in the military and also just knowing men who I know would take the opportunity to live out their pornographic fantasies at the drop of a hat if they had the opportunity, I think it will happen that there will be many atrocities. Everything is prepared for that to happen.

In mainstream porn with millions of views there are many videos of women being coerced one way or another into sexual abuse. I used to be addicted to porn and I’ve seen one where a woman was kidnapped, tied up, thrown into a trunk, taken to a warehouse and gang-raped. That woman was the AVN pornstar of the year. That was mainstream porn. Anyone who accepts porn or makes light of it is so very sick and far from the truth. It’s immersive in your mind. It’s so diabolical. Demons possess the people on the set and by watching it people invoke demons.

I thank the mercy of God that I never think about porn anymore but now I’m consecrated to the Blessed Mother. Impurity disgusts me. I love Jesus and I’m a new man by the power of the Holy Spirit! I’m out of the darkness now! Now I’m able to love by the power of Christ in me! Now I know real love. Christ can melt hearts of stone and restore all of our brokenness. “By his wounds we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5) I love Jesus and Mary! They’re my all in all! My everything! “He who has been forgiven of more, loves more!” (Luke 7:46-48)

This is that horrible Ted talk: