Wednesday, January 18, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, the only winners in wars are those who make money on the weapons. The losers are those who are killed or maimed for life. Those, who have their homes destroyed, are also at a loss because insurance will not help them. It is the one world people who make money on selling weapons to both sides of their wars. These wars also cause debts to increase America’s National Debt, which is the largest reason for its increase. Wars away from America have spread your troops thin so there are fewer troops to defend your homeland. Your constant wars and spending on expensive weapons are ruining your economy, and killing many people. Many of these wars are used to fight over oil, and they have nothing to do with defending your homeland. It is the one world people who are constantly leading you into drawn out no-win wars. Pray for peace in the world, and do not follow the central bankers into their trumped up wars.”