You know a lot of people really don’t recognize the need for love in the world. They just think “Hey physically they’re getting all their accommodations why can’t women fight in the military? Why can’t we abuse this prostitute in pornography? Why can’t we just put this person down? Ignore him and exclude him?”

That is such deep brutality. Love is the meaning of life. It is the end for which we are created. Without love you have depression and suicide. With love we have joy, hope and peace. It’s very important, it is most important that each day our goal above all be to love. We need to cast off this cold analytical mentality as well as this self-centered partying mentality.

As people, none of us are very lovable on our own, and none of us are gushing with love for others just because. God is love. (1 John 4:16) When God and man reciprocate love, it enters the world and can be shared. In God’s messages today, especially his locutions to Mother Teresa, He talks often of how much He wants Christians to love the world for Him. We need many more Christians to love the world by proclaiming to those in despair the truth of the love God has for us, even against this apocalyptic tide of impiety and lies. People need to love others by treating them with respect instead of hazing, by being kind and by leading them to the two who have perfect love, Jesus in the Eucharist and the Blessed Mother in the rosary. Love is the most important thing in the world. For all the prosperity modern man boasts of with it’s inventions though, in this respect we are in desperate poverty. That is why materially prosperous people who are unhappy are spiritually poor. We need the charity of the gospel, the sacraments of the Church and the loving, forgiving welcome of God’s family.