The universe was created. Evolution and the big bang theory are false. Freemasons and communists who want to oppress the Church for political gain first propagated these theories in public education. For example the French, Russian and Mexican revolutions. These theories were started by Karl Marx, who was a Master Mason, which means he offered occult worship to Lucifer in his many manifestations. Our Lady revealed to Father Stefano Gobbi that the Red Dragon in the book of revelation is Marxist atheistic communism. The black beast rising out of the water with ten horns and seven heads is freemasonry.

In the French Revolution, people imitating Voltaire killed over 6,000 clergy and religious including cloistered nuns. The revolutionaries made all priests sign an oath that the law of the state was higher than the law of God given to the Pope and anyone who wouldn’t sign was killed or had to flee. Monasteries and convents were taken away from their private owners and used for public purposes. They did this because they were against rich landowners and because they didn’t think the land was being used well by being a place of prayer.

In the Russian revolution 230,000 religious and clergy were killed. All Catholic education was banned even Bible study. Over a million people were killed during Joseph Stalin’s purges which is when he basically killed anyone who disagreed with him. Churches were destroyed and desecrated. About 30,000,000 people died as a direct result of this government’s actions between 1917 and 1953. That does not involve World War I or II civilian or military deaths.

Similarly in Mexico between 1910 and 1940 socialist Freemasons took over the government and did the same thing. The most brutal of them being Plutarco Elias Calles. Churches were burned and looted, nuns were raped, priests were tortured and killed and the laity were massacred. Even a fourteen year old boy was tortured to death without recanting the faith who is now a Catholic saint. All Catholic activities were banned.

In all these situations and many others which I haven’t mentioned Catholic education was banned and public indoctrination was forced. Governments do this because the Catholic Church is the voice of morality against tyranny. That is why along with tyranny always comes this atheist brainwashing. If you have eyes to see the Catholic Church is obviously true. We are just under a deep tyrannical brainwashing spell by the evil ones who control the media and will soon try to kill billions of people to reduce the world population to only 500 million.

Jesus gave this message to John Leary on Wednesday September 3, 2014,

Jesus said: “My people, it is true that many Christians are under attack by their college professors for believing in My existence. I am proud of those students who stand up for their belief in Me, even though they risk persecution for doing so. You have read how professors in college have been expelled for believing in Me, even when they minimize Me as an intelligent design. A good point was made about all of you being created with free will in My Divine Image. I do not force My love on you, but I showed My love for all of you by dying on the cross for your sins. You have free will to love Me or not. The contrast of My creation of everything in Genesis to the ‘Big Bang Theory’ was revealing of the failed logic of your scientists. Creation from nothing can only come from My power. Where did all the hydrogen come from to make the stars? Your scientists have no answers, and they only have hard to imagine theories. The Darwin Theory (not proven) of evolution is another manufactured science. There may be mutations within species, but there is no proof that a lower form’s chromosomes could be increased to a higher form of an animal or a plant. This also can only come from My power of creation. The experience of heaven has been documented by some people with near death experiences. Also, My messengers, as yourself, have been gifted to see heaven, and they are able to share their experiences with others. Believe that I exist, as does the devil, hell, and heaven. I have shown you the joy of the saints and angels in heaven. You are all called to be saints, so you can be with Me in heaven for all eternity.”

Jesus also revealed to Maria Valtorta that evolution is false. That locution is here:

We must look at the obvious gorilla in the room of the chances of the world being made without design. This is called the rare earth theory. The earth has an orbital eccentricity of 0.01 which means it rotates around the sun in an almost perfect circle. It’s axis is tilted at a 23.5 degree axis and the moon, although it is 280,000 miles from the earth, only deviates from it’s orbit 1 inch every year. This combines for seasons and the oceans conveyor belt. These objects were set in motion. There is a lot of debate about the process in which the earth grew in mass gravitationally absorbing flying particles to grow to it’s present size especially concerning where earth got all it’s water from.

Catholics who think that God guided evolution need to increase their prayer life and spiritual reading. You are out of touch with the beauty and purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary if you think that any ancestor of Hers ever ran around naked in a tree. At the point in which God infuses an animal with a soul and it becomes a human being what would it think of it’s parent? Anyway why does God need to do that? He can just make people right away.