Today I put up three posts about the reality of hell. Hell is real. The Catholic Church is totally true. The Most Holy Trinity is God and the second member, God the Son, became man and founded the Catholic Church. All other spiritual phenomena are demons trying to deceive.

This time in history is the greatest ever of the devil’s triumph because it is the apocalypse. This is the truth about the world. The devil is the one who tries to make everything nonchalant. Really though, it is imperative under the judgement of the Holy, Holy, Holy God that you treat all of his creations with great reverence, respect and love. We do this by the practice of the virtues. By being kind, generous, patient and peaceful.

All of the norms of the world right now are geared towards the opposite of God’s plan. The consequences of following normal activities leads to hell. People laugh at that because the devil has taught everyone to treat everything lightly even to the point of the public accepting pornography and being apathetic to wars, famine and poverty.

Do not think though that because hell is real that God is not good. “God is love” (1 John 4:16). If you cannot see God’s love in creation because of the devil’s perversions be persuaded of it by His Passion. Also be persuaded of it logically. Because if the Catholic Church is true then the teaching came from the creator of the universe. He is not a liar. If you pray and give yourself totally to God you will experience his love.

God’s greatest attribute is love and mercy. If you don’t want to go to hell then don’t go. Repent and change your life. I left everything to follow Christ. Everything. If you are addicted to pornography then throw away your computer, tablet, iPhone and television. Forget your old friends. Just leave town and become a religious like a Franciscan friar, a monk or a contemplative nun. Join the Missionaries of Charity and go to third world countries and help poor people.

You can convert, no matter how sinful you have been, by the grace of the Holy Spirit given in confession and communion and your own efforts at penance. “Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more.” (Romans 5:20) I used to go to confession five times a week after I started really following God. Sometimes I went twice in the same day.

The devil is real. He wants your soul to take you to hell because as God is love the devil is hatred. Let nothing stop you as you flee from your past life. Look at the exorcism of Annilese Michel. Those demons are all around your life. If you’re really into the occult or pornography or you have a lot of brokenness in your life as most people do you may have dozens of demons working with their power to destroy you. They are infesting people. Say the name of Jesus! Invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary. Wear sacramentals like a cross, miraculous or benedictine medal or a scapular.

Just don’t go to hell. Read the gospel and follow it. Christ will be back very soon.

No one knows who exactly goes to hell. The Catholic Church teaches the ordinary way of salvation is through the sacraments but judgement is between the person who is loved by God and God who is just and merciful. I personally know of two instances where signs were given from heaven that people who died outside the Church had gone through purgatory into heaven. Ordinarily though, if you’re a baptized, catechized Catholic and you have driven the Holy Spirit out of your heart by mortal sin and you choose not to confess and amend your life and you die in that state, with God all things are possible, but as I said, ordinarily, the Church teaches that souls in that condition go to hell. It makes sense too because that person has chosen to break off their relationship with God. These are very serious matters. Souls in this condition are in great danger.

Also remember that every one of the souls who saw hell and believed in hell, like every Catholic saint still loved God and didn’t doubt his goodness.