An excerpt from the biography of Sister Josepha Menendez. This revelation has papal approval from Pope Pius XII.

From the 6th of March, soon after Our Lord’s disappearance, infernal voices had several times caused her great fear and disturbance of mind. Damned souls, invisible to her eyes, came from the lowest depths, reproaching her for her want of generosity. She was greatly perturbed… She heard cries of despair like these: “I am there where love is banished… for ever… how brief was the enjoyment… and the punishment is eternal… What have I gained?… hate, and that for ever… eternal hatred!”

“O!” she wrote, “to know that one soul is lost and to be able to do nothing for it! To know that for all eternity a soul will curse Our Lord and that there is no cure… even if I could suffer every torment in the world… what terrible sorrow… It would be better to die a thousand times than be responsible for the loss of one soul.”

“In the night of 16th March towards ten o’clock,” wrote Josefa, “I became aware, as on the preceding days, of a confused noise of cries and chains. I rose quickly and dressed, and trembling with fright, knelt down near my bed. The uproar was approaching, and not knowing what to do, I left the dormitory, and went to our Holy Mother’s cell; then I came back to the dormitory. The same terrifying sounds were all around me; then all of a sudden I saw in front of me the devil himself.

“‘Tie her feet and bind her hands,’ he cried…

“Instantly I lost sight of where I was, and felt myself tightly bound and being dragged away. Other voices screamed: ‘No good to bind her feet; it is her heart that you must bind.’

“‘It does not belong to me,’ came the answer from the devil.

“Then I was dragged along a very dark and lengthy passage, and on all sides resounded terrible cries. On opposite sides of the walls of this narrow corridor were niches out of which poured smoke, though with very little flame, and which emitted an intolerable stench. From these recesses came blaspheming voices, uttering impure words. Some cursed their bodies, others their parents. Others, again reproached themselves for having refused grace, and not avoided what they knew to be sinful. It was a medley of confused screams of rage and despair. I was dragged through that kind of corridor, which seemed endless. Then I received a violent punch which doubled me in two, and forced me into one of the niches. I felt as if I were being pressed between two burning planks and pierced through and through with scorching needle points. Opposite and beside me souls were blaspheming and cursing me. What caused me most suffering… and with which no torture can be compared, was the anguish of my soul to find myself separated from God…

“It seemed to me that I spent long years in that hell, yet it lasted only six or seven hours… Suddenly I was violently pulled out of the niche, and I found myself in a dark place; after striking me, the devil disappeared and set me free… How can I describe my feelings on realizing that I was still alive, and could still love God!

“I do not know what I am not ready to endure to avoid hell, in spite of my fear of pain. I see clearly that all the sufferings of earth are nothing in comparison with the horror of no longer being able to love, for in that place all breathes hatred and thirst to damn other souls.”