A statue in Ghaziabad, India which is venerated in the convent of religious sisters in the order of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate cried blood.┬áThe Carmelites are one of the oldest and most well respected orders in the Catholic Church. In India there are 22,000. Recently canonized Carmelite saints include Saint Titus Bradsford, Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Blessed Maria Teresita Quevedo and Saint Therese of Liseux. Carmelite nuns would never do this as a fraud. If you see similarly, the movie which I posted, Science Tests Faith, the statue Katya Rivas gave to her sister also bleeds. In the locutions of Father Gobbi, the Blessed Mother said that bleeding and crying statues are her way of trying to get the people to listen to her warnings to repent. She is a loving Mother shedding many tears over the state of the world right now. Also, this town is near New Delhi, where violent rape is a very serious and terribly common public safety concern. That is a very bad area. In the slums there the people make their houses out of garbage on a plot of land zoned by the public officials. Obviously there is no electricity or running water to the houses, just one water pump everyone shares. I read in the financial times that 600 million people in India live in those conditions. That is why Mother Teresa led the Missionaries of Charity there. There is another famous bleeding statue called Our Lady of Naju in South Korea. You can read about a lot of things like that in the book “The Final Hour” by Michael Brown.