Jesus gave these messages to John Leary on October 4, 2001

Jesus said: “My people, be aware that Satan is trying to trigger a war between the Moslem countries and the Christian countries.  A war of religions would present enough chaos and spirit to bring about the one world religion in a ploy for peace led by the Antichrist.  Refuse to follow this one world religion and refuse to continue making war preparations that will not bring peace or justice.”

Jesus said: “My people of America, starting a full scale war against the Taliban will further their cause when their Moslem states might come to their aid.  This is a land locked terrain which is hard to wage an all out offensive.  War will not solve any problems and it will be difficult to find the guilty parties among the Afghan people.  Do not engage in such a war which you will not be able to finish.  I am a God of love and more hate and killing will only result in a more serious war.  Break off such a war before you begin.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have been struck a severe blow, but what armies are you going to fight? These dark attacks are especially provocative for one purpose only-war.  By stirring up the potential for a war of east vs. west or Moslem vs. Christian, the one world people are using this occasion to cause chaos ripe for a takeover of your freedoms through national ID cards.  With more serious attacks on your country, you could quickly have chips in the hand followed by the Antichrist’s announced reign.  This is where these events are leading sooner or later so that you are not surprised with the outcome.  This man of peace will be a sleeping tyrant ready to force everyone to worship him.  Have no fear, My people, as My victory will come soon to deliver you from this evil.”

Jesus said: “My people, war is from the evil one, so do not play into his hands by causing more innocent souls to die.  War knows only destruction and maim for all involved.  You have witnessed the destruction in the past wars and you know that no one really wins in a war.  Look at the expense of lives and money which are lost forever.  No matter how many coalitions you form, it will never justify massive amounts of killing.  If you really want to struggle, then fight for peace before the war begins.”