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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich was a visionary nun in the 19th century. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II. She wrote her visions which give more details about God and all the events of the Bible. I recommend “The Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ” especially because it is a series of visions you can meditate on narrating Christ’s Passion in great detail.

In that book Jesus goes to hell after He dies on the Cross and Blessed Anne mentions that Lucifer was in chains but that he would be set free to terrorize the earth for 60-70 years before Christ’s second coming in the year 2000. Also, in another book she says that in the end time there will be two popes which we have now Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Tetrad Blood Moons

Repent and believe in the gospel

Catholics learn on the first day of Sunday school or Catholic school that we are made to know, love and serve God. Fixing your love relationship with Jesus will give you peace of soul. In this video I talk about the process of conversion and at the end assert the truth of the Catholic faith compared to other religions.

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In defense of John Leary

There is a controversial locution of John Leary that has made him unpopular. He got a message saying that Pope Benedict XVI would be an antipope. There have been plenty of antipopes in the Church’s history so it is not out of the question. Also, Maria Valtorta received a message that the antichrist would be aided by the false prophet who would be “a former star in my army”. That is why his bishop is throwing him under the bus but his messages are not condemned and he is cooperative with the Church who allows him to do his ministry and print his messages.

The first search result for John Leary on Google is an article by a layperson named Ronald Conte who has no idea what he’s talking about. He tries to condemn John by making nine points against him.

First he says that the faithful will have to suffer the tribulation and that no one will be taken away to refuges. That is wrong. Jesus said in Matthew 24 “There will be two people grinding at the mill, one taken another one left. There will be two people in a bed, one will be taken the other one left.” Mother Angelica planned from the beginning for her convent in Alabama which is hundreds of acres to be an end time refuge. Also, the Blue Army Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Washington, New Jersey is planned to be an end time refuge. There are many refuges that exist right now.

John wrote in his FAQ section that people would be in caves like the one the Holy Family stayed in on their flight to Egypt from the slaughter of the innocents. Ronald Conte says that Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich never said Jesus did that. Even if she didn’t that doesn’t mean she knows everything but Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich did explicitly say that Jesus stayed in a cave on His way to Egypt in “The Dolorous Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ”. Saint Dismas, the penitent thief, was cured of leprosy by bathing and the water that had been used to wash the infant Jesus because it was providentially his family who lived there.

Second he says that the faithful will not be marked with the sign of the cross on their foreheads. It says in Revelation 7 that they will. Then he says that that people will be sealed in the 2030s and provides no citation for that belief. Later in the same article at point 8 he says the antichrist will come in the 24th century again with no citation for that belief. Why would people be sealed 400 years before the antichrist’s coming?

Third he says that Jesus doesn’t talk about the things of the world as if he is a distant God. Our God is intimate and that’s wrong.

Fourth he says there is no such thing as an implantable microchip that can control your mind. Do a google search. There is. He says it would violate free will but Jesus will warn everyone not to take one in the warning so those who take it will take it in full knowledge with free will.

Fifth, sixth and seventh he says that Jesus doesn’t show certainty about future events by saying things could happen and not that they will. That is because people can pray against these disasters from the time of the message to the time of it’s occurrence. Pope John Paul II was prophesied in Fatima to be killed but he wasn’t because of the prayers and fasting of the people. Some of the ten secrets of Medjugorje have been mitigated by penance. Also, Jesus told John Leary with certainty that Russia certainly would expand it’s borders past Ukraine.

Eighth he says there is no one world order conspiracy and there is.

Ninth is his problem with the idea of Pope Benedict XVI being an antipope which I already mentioned. He also says here “The UN has very little power.”

The other thing is that John’s bishop has a problem with the thousand year peace prophesied in the book of revelation being taken literally to mean 1,000 earth years. The Lord Himself answered that in a message on March 27, 1997, “The leaders of My Church have made binding interpretations of ‘millenarianism’ which I wish you to acknowledge under obedience to My Magisterium. They have not interpreted one thousand years to be taken literally. I will not reign then in My Body. Only spiritually will I be present.”

Maria Esperanza who is a servant of God and whose revelations of God are church approved said John Leary is a true prophet and in his 20 years of messages he has not contradicted the catechism and shown secret knowledge of many things beyond him with incredible consistency. The messages themselves are proof of their authenticity and those who choose not to believe just don’t want to accept the challenge to repent and prepare.


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