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The Pierced Heart of Jesus


John 19:34, “but one soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out. ”

Saint Catherine of Sienna was a mystic. She could talk to Jesus. She once asked,

“Sweet, Spotless, Lamb, You were dead when Your side was opened. Why, then, did You allow that Your Heart should thus be wounded and opened by force?”

Jesus answered,

“For several reasons, of which I will tell you the principal. My desires regarding the human race were infinite and the actual time of suffering and torture was at an end. Since my love is infinite, I could not therefore by this suffering manifest to you how much I loved you. That is why I willed to reveal to you the secret of my Heart by letting you see It open, that you might well understand that It loved you far more than I could prove to you by a suffering that was over.”

A million martyrs

The Catholic Martyrs of the 20th Century

Before Christ returned to heaven He said that there would come a time when the Church would be trampled underfoot and greatly persecuted. Even the papacy would go to Satan, taken by the antichrist. Then Christ will return and establish His reign on earth. There have been over a million Catholic martyrs in the 20th century. There are very active and strong persecutions throughout the Arab world today and the Church is almost extinct. The one world government will be the last great persecution as well as a great jihad. Also the martyrs are the fifth seal of revelation (Apoc 6:9). These are the signs. Communism, fascism, Islam and Freemasonry have been and are still wreacking havoc against the Catholic faith. I recommend this book.

Spiritual formation

I recommend the video preaching of Father Edgardo Arellano (nickname, Father Bing), Father Benedict Groeschel and Mother Angelica. If you ever have free time it’s good to listen to them. In this video Father Bing talks about the spirituality of Saint Therese of Liseux and also preaches very strongly on the sacredness of human sexuality. Also, the videos of Archbishop Fulton Sheen are terrific. He will be a new American saint. He’s one of the greatest Catholic minds to ever grace the earth.

God and demons

In eternity, there was a war in heaven. Angels became demons and rebelled against God. In eternity beings are either totally aligned to God’s will or totally estranged from Him. In time good and evil coexist. Here I point out the way in which Satan wars against God and unmask his deceptive tactics.

Pope John Paul II called the family “the unit of society” but the demons are trying to destroy it. When people are too poor to buy a house or provide for children then that person can’t have a family or if a man is addicted to pornography then he will not really value and search for a wife because he doesn’t see sex as a means to the end of having children but rather an end in itself. Children become an obstacle when a person is perverse. Another thing demons are doign is hating man and so trying to take away things that are so great for things that aren’t so much. For instance, the Catholic Church is so pure with the sacraments, the Blessed Mother, the saints and all the many charisms and projects to serve and pray. Through heresy though the demons are diminishing the power of conversion and bringing people into more sterile and watered-down churches. In every way demons want people to think less of themselves, behave worse and create dysfunction and estrangement from God.

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