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Our Lady of Medjugorje

The Blessed Mother has been appearing in the former Yugoslavia since 1981. You can read the messages She’s been giving here 

There have been many miracles there of people miraculously healed, rosaries turning to gold, hardened sinners being converted and people seeing and photographing signs. This is an incredible article about a man who went into a trance and started to cry blood before Our Lady’s statue and it has a link to another account of a paralytic given the grace to walk.

Tamara Laroux

This woman tried to kill herself. God showed her heaven and hell then brought her back to life and miraculously cured her of a serious gunshot wound. Now she is a happy Christian. There are a lot of near death experience videos on YouTube. I’ve seen about 20 and no one so far has said they saw anything but Jesus as God.


The glory of Christ’s redemption

Cross Constallation

This image appeared in space and was captured by the hubble telescope.

Canticle – Colossians 1:12-20
Christ the first-born of all creation and the first-born from the dead

Let us give thanks to the Father
for having made you worthy
to share the lot of the saints
in light.

He rescued us
from the power of darkness
and brought us
into the kingdom of his beloved Son.
Through him we have redemption,
the forgiveness of our sins.

He is the image of the invisible God,
the first-born of all creatures.
In him everything in heaven and on earth was created,
things visible and invisible.

All were created through him;
all were created for him.
He is before all else that is.
In him everything continues in being.

It is he who is head of the body, the church!
he who is the beginning,
the first-born of the dead,
so that primacy may be his in everything.

It pleased God to make absolute fullness reside in him
and, by means of him, to reconcile everything in his person,
both on earth and in the heavens,
making peace through the blood of his cross.

The Eucharist

“I find myself so weak that were it not for Holy Communion I would fall continually. One thing alone sustains me, and that is Holy Communion. From it I draw my strength; in it is all my comfort. I fear life on days when I do not receive Holy Communion. I fear my own self. Jesus concealed in the Host is everything to me. From the tabernacle I draw strength, power, courage and light. Here, I seek consolation in time of anguish. I would not know how to give glory to God if I did not have the Eucharist in my heart.”

– Saint Maria Faustina, Diary # 1037

Boy is that the truth…

Pope Francis Eucharist

Our Lady of Kibeho


In this video you can see the visionaries Alphonsine Mumureke and Anathalie Mukamazimpaka experiencing the revelations of Our Lady of Kibeho. The Blessed Mother appeared in a run-down school in one of the poorest areas of Rwanda between 1981-82. She called the people to repentance and prophesied the Rwandan genocide. She said to pray the seven sorrows of Mary rosary to obtain the grace of repentance. Or to contemplate Christ’s Passion while praying the ordinary rosary. She said that mankind was on the brink of catastrophe.

Here you can see
20:45 – 21:35 visionary in ecstasy
15:20 – 15:40 trying to poke her in the eye during ecstasy
11:40 – 12:25 visionary slain in the Spirit
14:25 – 15:50 singing a hymn in rapture
19:40 – 20:20 visionary slain in the Spirit

At 2:00 the reaction of the Alphonsine to the apparition is incredible.


The first apple computer cost $666 dollars. Do a search for that you’ll see that’s true. Also, www is 666 in Hebrew numerology.

Daniel 7-12 is about the end times. Daniel 12:4 says “But you, Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal up the book until the time of the end, when many will rush here and there, and knowledge will increase.”

The Hebrew manuscript says knowledge will increase but the Greek manuscript says evil will increase. I think the increase in knowledge means computers. Almost the whole world is addicted to internet pornography which has been a terrible influence breaking up marriages, making dating more turbulent and just crushing your soul. Our Lady said in Fatima that more souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason. That was in 1917. Similarly, in Conyers, Georgia, Nancy Fowler asked why souls go to hell and Jesus replied, “Sins of the flesh and murders.”

In the Catholic faith women are supposed to wear a veil in Church and sing hymns. Traditionally, Catholic women wear loose skirts. The Blessed Mother told Father Gobbi that she can’t stand skin tight clothes. In the Catholic faith, if you are tempted to fantasize about sex and you try not to, that’s not a sin. But if you consent to the temptation and fantasize you’ve committed mortal sin and now you stand condemned to hell. You can always appeal to the infinite mercy of God but our Lady said in Fatima that one young woman who recently died was going to be in purgatory until the end of time. Religious souls will probably pray and sacrifice for her to get out before then but she could still be there for many, many lifetimes. According to John Leary, some souls have a certain amount of purgatory they have to do before anyone can pray them out. In Medjugorje, Our Lady said the first amount of souls that die go to purgatory. The second most number of souls go to hell and very few souls go straight to heaven.

Considering how serious Jesus’ teaching on sexuality is do you see how computers have been the death of countless souls? In the Catholic faith young people are supposed to wait until they’re married to have sex and fantasizing about another person is a mortal sin so even fooling around is a mortal sin. Internet pornography, especially hardcore pornography, is so far out that it is off the charts of Catholic morality. That’s why internet porn is apocalyptic and the whole sexual scene is just unheard of by Catholic standards. Ideals of purity and respect are obscure and persecuted now more than ever which is not good because control of the flesh is foundational in spiritual progress. God does not like that. Mystical painter Ferdinand Roccanti said it this way, “God loves everybody but He doesn’t love everything that they’re doing.”

A lot of people talked about Steve Job’s death and mourned him. What has he taken with him? He paid his sweatshop workers so little and they were overworked so much that there were suicide nets built to catch everyone that wanted to die at his factory while in the United States revenue per employee was over a million. Apple had over $100 billion in cash on their balance sheet while those workers were driven like slaves. I can’t judge him. Maybe he asked for mercy and he’s in purgatory. But the apostle James made it very clear what God thinks of those who hold back the wages of workers.

Come now, you rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries. Your wealth has rotted away, your clothes have become moth-eaten, your gold and silver have corroded, and that corrosion will be a testimony against you; it will devour your flesh like a fire. You have stored up treasure for the last days. Behold, the wages you withheld from the workers who harvested your fields are crying aloud, and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. You have lived on earth in luxury and pleasure; you have fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter. – James 5:1-5

He also gave the black beasts propaganda new legs with iTunes music and movies.

“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” Revelation 13:1

The ten horns mean amplification of a message. The seven heads represent various Masonic lodges propagating the seven deadly sins and the ten crowns represent the rulers of the world being Freemasons who incite people to break all ten commandments which is why they have blasphemous names. That is what the Blessed Mother said to Father Gobbi.

That message is about increased propaganda which is the main use of Apple products. Now computers aren’t inherently evil but they were advertised as being used for rock music and being a nice materialistic thing.

Do you see how different the world looks when you use the eyes of the Spirit and not of the flesh? Often the world holds high in esteem the greatest sinners and heaven holds the lowly as great.

Saint Andre Bessette

Saint Andre's crutches

These are the crutches of Saint Andre Bessete, a religious brother and miracle healer from Montreal, Quebec. He was so famous for the miracles worked through his intercession to Saint Joseph that every every day there was a line of people out of the door of his house who had to be quick to get spiritual direction and submit their prayer requests because of the people waiting. When he prayed it worked and everyone in town knew he could be trusted with prayer. Pilgrims came from all over the world to ask for his intercession. To this day, over 2 million pilgrims visit the Cathedral built in his and Saint Joseph’s honor. In this Cathedral are kept over 100 pairs of crutches which belong to the people who came to pray for the grace to walk and left their crutches behind…

Saint Joseph appeared with Mother Mary and the child Jesus in the last apparition of Fatima. We are one in Christ and have the just man as our foster father as well. vimeo documentary on Saint Andre

Frère André assis avec livre

Acts 3 New American Bible

Chapter 3

Cure of a Crippled Beggar. 1 Now Peter and John were going up to the temple area for the three o’clock hour of prayer. 2 And a man crippled from birth was carried and placed at the gate of the temple called “the Beautiful Gate” every day to beg for alms from the people who entered the temple. 3 When he saw Peter and John about to go into the temple, he asked for alms. 4 But Peter looked intently at him, as did John, and said, “Look at us.” 5 He paid attention to them, expecting to receive something from them. 6 Peter said, “I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give you: in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean, [rise and] walk.” 7 Then Peter took him by the right hand and raised him up, and immediately his feet and ankles grew strong. 8 He leaped up, stood, and walked around, and went into the temple with them, walking and jumping and praising God. 9 When all the people saw him walking and praising God, 10 they recognized him as the one who used to sit begging at the Beautiful Gate of the temple, and they were filled with amazement and astonishment at what had happened to him.

Peter’s Speech. 11 As he clung to Peter and John, all the people hurried in amazement toward them in the portico called “Solomon’s Portico.” 12 When Peter saw this, he addressed the people, “You Israelites, why are you amazed at this, and why do you look so intently at us as if we had made him walk by our own power or piety? 13 The God of Abraham, [the God] of Isaac, and [the God] of Jacob, the God of our ancestors, has glorified his servant Jesus whom you handed over and denied in Pilate’s presence, when he had decided to release him. 14 You denied the Holy and Righteous One and asked that a murderer be released to you. 15 The author of life you put to death, but God raised him from the dead; of this we are witnesses. 16 And by faith in his name, this man, whom you see and know, his name has made strong, and the faith that comes through it has given him this perfect health, in the presence of all of you. 17 Now I know, brothers, that you acted out of ignorance, just as your leaders did; 18 but God has thus brought to fulfillment what he had announced beforehand through the mouth of all the prophets, that his Messiah would suffer. 19 Repent, therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away, 20 and that the Lord may grant you times of refreshment and send you the Messiah already appointed for you, Jesus, 21 whom heaven must receive until the times of universal restoration of which God spoke through the mouth of his holy prophets from of old. 22 For Moses said:

‘A prophet like me will the Lord, your God, raise up for you
from among your own kinsmen;
to him you shall listen in all that he may say to you.
23 Everyone who does not listen to that prophet
will be cut off from the people.’

24 Moreover, all the prophets who spoke, from Samuel and those afterwards, also announced these days. 25 You are the children of the prophets and of the covenant that God made with your ancestors when he said to Abraham, ‘In your offspring all the families of the earth shall be blessed.’ 26 For you first, God raised up his servant and sent him to bless you by turning each of you from your evil ways.”

The HAARP Machine

Jesus always talks to John Leary about the HAARP machine and everything He says is really going on.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Jesus said: “My people, you saw on your news where the fields in California cannot grow any crops because they do not have the water necessary to irrigate them. They also told you how the unemployment was higher because those people, who work in the fields, are out of a job. This also hurts the local merchants who sell things to these workers. What the news people did not explain, was how this drought was brought about. I told you before, and you found it on the internet, that the one world people had the HAARP machine set up a high pressure system off the coast of California. All the normal rainstorms that provide California’s water could not come through the high pressure system. For three months this rain was diverted around this high, and it resulted in a serious drought that California has still not recovered from it. The drought also has been instrumental in causing many fires, even before the summer heat. Keep praying for a normal rainfall to be restored to California. It is this abuse of the HAARP machine that is creating bad weather for crops with droughts and floods. It is also setting up the conditions for a world famine, where man-made control will diminish the food availability, unless you have a chip in the hand. Do not fear this famine because I will multiply your food and water at My refuges. When your lives are endangered, I will warn you that it is time to call on your guardian angel to lead you to the nearest refuge. Trust in My help to provide for all of your needs.”

This article by GeoEngineering watch confirms this message.

Hugo Chavez, who is the only Latin American president that has been able to resist the World Bank’s plans at colonization and so is free to criticize the United States cited Russian research accusing the United States of using the HAARP machine to start the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 that killed 200,000 people.

Various scientists have claimed that HAARP caused Hurricane Sandy, the Japanese Tsunami and the Philippines typhoon.


What’s important in life is not anything material. It is being loved and having love in your own heart to give to others. Jesus and Mary are the ones in my life who love me.

The One World Government

The hope of the wicked

A one world order is part of the chastisement. Don’t follow it. They are getting started with their evil plan to reduce the world population to 500 million now. This will cause many apocalyptic things to happen.

“there shall be a fourth kingdom on earth
that shall be different from all the other kingdoms;
it shall devour the whole earth,
and trample it down, and break it to pieces.” – Daniel 7:24

“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him. He causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.” – Rev 13:8,16

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